Hop Garden Gin – 50cl


50cl bottle of Hop Garden Gin – 20 Units of alcohol (20 single or 10 double measures)

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Award-Winning Handcrafted Chesford’s Hop Garden Gin – 50cl

50cl bottle of Hop Garden Gin – 20 Units of alcohol (20 single or 10 double measures)

Award-winning Hop Garden Gin is inspired by our ‘English Garden’ counties such as Herefordshire, Kent & Worcestershire, specifically after a visit to friends with breath-taking views of undulating countryside, featuring hops and apples grown predominantly for beer and cider making, gently embraced by verdant hedgerows.  Hop Garden is a truly clean and exciting expression of the hop vine… deliciously spiced with juniper, elderberries, and a hint of apple – a gin to be appreciated for its vibrant character.

Hop Garden Gin – Serving Suggestion

Try a delicious spiral curl or wedge of fresh apple – or alternatively enhance your serve by adding lightly crushed fresh black cherries or berries to add a dash of colour and bitterness.  Tip: If cherries or berries are out of season, buy frozen  -and add straight to the glass!

Mixed with a straight Indian Tonic, the elderberries come to life even in a long pour.

Or keep it simple…..

Hop Garden Gin over ice with garnish, no tonic, as a pure & smooth ‘sipping gin’ (the traditional way to drink gin before the introduction of quinine-based Indian Tonic was without ice or tonic)……simply delicious!

(NB:  Glasses for display purposes only)

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Hop Garden Gin - 50cl | Handcrafted Gin | Award-Winning Chesford Garden Gin

Hop Garden Gin - 50cl